About the Publisher

My name is Adnan Al-Nemrawi from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Amman). I have been working as a smartphone and Apple software technician for 17 years. Welcome to my blog adnansoftware.com. Everything you need for a mobile is here. Also, the best safe ways to deal with your phone (software and hardware). Everything published in my articles has been tested on a real device carefully before publishing.

😊😊 I was awarded several certificates of appreciation and gratitude for participating in developing solutions and problems for smartphones and iPhones.

The first is from the well-known EFT DONGLE PRO (easy firmware.com. team.

The second is from the Gem-Flash.com website, one of the largest and most famous mobile phone solutions sites in the Arab world.


I have two YouTube channels that contain explanations and solutions to problems with smart devices and iPhones. It contains practical experiments and applications on paid and free software tools.

Youtube channel one. عدنان النمراوي adnansoftware.

Youtube channel tow. WIN 11 IOS software.

So rest assured when you use one of the methods of software operations. Because it is tested on several devices.

If you have any questions leave them in any post. Thank you.

My phone number is 00962776060266