Samsung A03 bypass FRP unlock tool

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How to bypass Frp on Samsung Galaxy A03 Android 13 last Security by unlocktool?

Updated Samsung A03 core SM-A035F and SM-A032F U3 frp bypass 2023 with PC by unlock tool via test point. Here is the best and safest method Samsung A03 bypasses Google account last security U1/U2/U3/U4 Android 13. So follow these steps carefully.

a03 frp

A03 CPU type Spreadtrum (spd Chipset Unisoc T606 (12 nm). it may deadboot when trying to remove a Google account, flash, root, or update firmware by samsung odin. It may require Dead Boot Repair or ISP Points by jtag.

Be careful, when choosing the A03 from the unlock tool or any other tools. you have to select the correct protection, which is U1, U2, U3, or u4. Because this will kill the phone and you will need dead boot repair or jitag.

Samsung A032F FRP test point

Samsung A032f frp test point

Samsung A035f  frp test point

Samsung A035f test point

Also, you can bypass Google verification Samsung A03 A032F in the same steps. Just choose A032F and the right protection from the unlock tool. This is necessary so that the phone does not lose the boot and become dead.

What is frp?

FRP Google factory reset protection feature to protect users from unauthorized access. It works on all Android smartphones. So, when doing a factory reset, or wiping data from the recovery mode it is necessary to unlock the Android Google account.

You will only be able to use the phone if you enter your Gmail account previously entered on the phone. To be able to retrieve the mobile phone, you must first bypass Google account verification. Here I will give you the latest method for the Samsung A03 device.

Samsung A035F frp Test Point

So follow this post step by step to bypass the samsung a03 frp lock with unlock tool using a test point a03.

It is not easy to remove FRP from Android systems to correct the system's security, especially Samsung FRP due to the continuous updates made by Google. We may be able to bypass FRP without a Computer or apk, but it is a waste of time, as not all Samsung FRP bypass loopholes work, which are constantly locked.

Samsung Galaxy A03 Remove Google account Android 12 with unlock tool

Note: The method to frp bypass samsung a03 is used in Test Point. If a vulnerability is not available without a PC or apk.

The program used is the paid UnlockTool. You can use any other tool you own, such as UMT, MRT, or EFT DONGLE. We will do the operation by test point. Follow this complete guide.

Samsung a03 frp bypass

  1. Run the Unlock Tool and select the Samsung tab.
  2. Choose a03 spd and the appropriate security version.
  3. Choose security.
  4. Brom/edl.
  5. click on [SPRD] erase frp.
samsumg a03 frp bypass unlock tool
  • Connect the USB cable to the PC.
  • Release the back of the phone.
  • Remove the battery and reconnect it.
  • Connect the test point as in the picture.
Samsung a035f A03 test point.
samsumg a035fu3 a03 test point

    Samsung Galaxy A035F frp/Google bypass Android 11

    So this is the safe way to bypass the Samsung A03 A035 and A032 frp/Google accounts. Do not use untested tools and tools because it will cause a dead boot and you will need to do a dead boot repair firmware so that the phone works again.

    To bypass frp you have to know the CPU type. talk about Samsung Galaxy and other brands. This is the right way to deal with mobile devices. so please share this post on social media.

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