Poco m3 and Redmi 9T dead solution easy steps

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Redmi 9T and Poco M3 Dead Solution

Xiaomi Poco m3 and Redmi 9t users have been surprised that they deadboot after the update. This usually happens due to a manufacturing error or exposure to liquids. The phone hangs in EDL mode when it is connected to the PC. In this article, we will learn how to fix Poco m 3 dead solution after the auto-update, in simple and easy steps.

If you try to enter poco m3 and 9t into fastboot or recovery manually or by any tool it will not respond. to hard reset or flash stock rom. So why is my Poco m3 not turning on? or Why does my Poco m3 not turn on after the update?

Repairing the Poco X3 Pro dead differs from this solution because it requires removing the processor cover and reheating carefully, or replacement.

poco m3 dead solution

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Why won't my Poco M3 turn on after the update?

The Poco M3 problem does not turn on after the automatic update, according to senior hardware experts. The error lies in the presence of a metal casing that covers the area responsible for charging, including components that regulate charging and connection with the computer at the same time.

This cover does not have a hole for ventilation or cooling, and when the temperature rises, the component responsible for the connection is suspended from discharging the electrical charges in the phone, which causes the phone to enter a mode called EDL.

What is EDL mode? and How does Poco enter QD 9008 mode?

(EDL): Phones and tablets running Android or Qualcomm's emergency boot mode, which can be used to force firmware files to bypass frp or restore stock ROMs. It is seen in the Device Manager on the computer as follows Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM).

This means: that the Qualcomm processor is a special mode to enter an emergency to be able to write factory ROM called Stock ROM. To revive the device after boot loss and apply to all companies, not just Xiaomi.

In normal, if we want to connect Qualcomm CPU in EDL. We will release the cover, then connect the test point and connect via a USB cable to the computer. There is also a USB driver for the Qualcomm DL processor.

How to fix Redmi 9T poco m3 not charging?

Before starting action, here are some things that must be fixed before repairing to ensure that the fault is accurately identified.

  1. Make sure the battery is well charged.
  2. hold press the power button key for about 10 seconds to restart.
  3. Connect the USB cable to the computer and device.
  4. See Device Manager is responding or not.
  5. If the reason is that the phone was exposed to liquids, it must be sent to a specialized technician team. or warranty company service.

Poco m dead boot

Note: If you drain the battery charge or disconnect it and reconnect it for a long enough time one or two days, the phone will boot normally. But it will return to the dead boot state after reboot.

After all this, I will give you the ultimate solution to fix the Poco M3 and Redmi 9T with no power after auto-update. With simple steps supported by pictures so that it becomes clear, complete, and easy.

  • Remove the SIM card tray.
  • Remove the back.
  • Carefully release the screws from the cover plate.
  • Remove camera.
  • Disconnect the battery, screen, and network wires.
  • Release the board from the body.
  • The other side of the board finds the charging components.

dead phone, poco m phone,

  • Using fairly low heat, remove the iron cap off the charging components containing the charge IC and charging element.
  • Do nothing else, just remove the cap.
dead solution poco, dead boot poco, solution poco m dead

That's all, we got to know How to fix the Poco m3 dead solution and Redmi 9T. We did the hardware without software or flashing with different flashes through the tools. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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