Android utility Pro latest version no smart card edition

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Download MTK meta utility v134.00 without a smart card

(AUP) Android Utility Pro version 134 works without a smart card with limited features. unlimited features, connect any smart card to your PC. So this is your only option. Let's review the unlocked features with the AndroidUtility no Scard edition v133. Download the MTK meta-tool from the link below this post. samsung unlock frp tool.

Android Utility PRO Download v134.00.2024

Marvel tool latest version 7.4.

mtk meta utiltiy, android utility v116 download

  • Samsung Read (Security Patch Level) and (Android Version) via Download Mode.
  • OPPO MT6771 Force BROM mode (PRELOADER/USB SERIAL DEVICE - {0x22d9, 0x0006}) has been added for the following models:
    • Oppo F7 (CPH1819, CPH1821, CPH 1821EX).
    • Oppo F7 Youth (CPH1859).
    • OPPO (F9/F9 Pro) (CPH1823, CPH1881, CPH1825).
    • Oppo R15 (PACM00, CPH1835, PACT00, PAAT00).
    • Oppo A3 (PADM00, CPH1837, PADT00).
    • Oppo A7x (PBBM00, PBBT00).
    • Oppo Realme 1 (CPH1859, CPH1861).
    • Oppo Realme 3 (RMX1821).

In previous updates, developer Mufaddal Al-Tayeb limited the use of the tool only to technicians to limit its unauthorized use. This is why he added the possession of one of the dongles or a smart card so that its technical users can unlock all the features.

What is new in Android Utility version 116?

All commands work normally except:

The feature of formatting the tablet (school tablets in Egypt), and disabling Knox and Qualcomm tablets is removed from the limited edition. If a dongle arrives, it will open without a dongle and will not appear.

  • Added Samsung A04e SM-A42F clear RPMB via preload mode.
  • Added Samsung A04e SM-A042F write RPMB via preload mode.

This is what was stated in the developer's report. Of course, there are many wonderful additions in the tool versions explained in previous articles. If you have any questions, comment on them, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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