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Muslim odin v2 0 tool download

Muslim odin v2 0 creates mdm PC simple Windows utility program that helps users bypass frp lock for Android Samsung phones and tablets. devloper by Ali Hassan contains v2 free and Muslim odin v3 is paid. you can be active forever by the developer by pressing WhatsApp. It supports flash firmware, opens browsers, and directly bypasses Google account verification by enabling ADB with files.

ali hassani tool

What is muslim odin?

A simple Windows PC tool developed by Ali Hassan with many operations like flash official rom, unlock FRP verification, format, create mdm by adding BL to the tool and pressing create mdm and more. also contain re-partition while flashing.

  1. Added odin frp bypass unlocks files.
  2. Flash all Galaxy devices.
  3. Open the browser from MTB mode.
  4. Write a PIT file.
  5. Remove the screen password.
  6. Direct enable ADB for old Android versions.
  7. Factory reset MTP mode.
  8. install Samsung USB drivers.
  9. Read info MTP.
  10. Reset frp ADB.
  11. Exit download mode.

You can see more in a free tool for your mobile device after running it.

How to use Muslim odin v2?

With two steps you can use it. There is no need for installation it is a portable home.
  • Extract the zip file.
  • Run exe program as administrater.
  • you have it now.

The Muslim Odin tool 2 is considered one of the first programs that was designed in the era of bypassing the Google account for Samsung phones. All software technicians for smartphones relied on it during bypassing by opening the browser and the appearance of ADP activation files.

Download Muslim Odin v2

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