Free frp bypass samsung a02s

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How to bypass frp Samsung Galaxy a02s A025F by free tft unlocker digital?

Samsung frp bypass In this post, we will learn how to bypass Google account verification and bypass KG and  MDM protections on samsung galaxy a02s Android 12 last security with pc by TFT unlocker tool. If you have a samsung a02s with frp lock follow these easy steps.

Samsung A025F A02S runs Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 cpu so we will use the test point and TFT unlocker free tool in the last version. because the frp code *#0*# or *#*#88#*#* does not work and we cannot use SamFw or any other tools to enable ADB mode.

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How to bypass google account on samsung a025f a02s?

Free Frp bypass a02s

You can bypass KG and MDM protection using the same method as bypassing a Google account samsung. All you have to do is click on it in TFT Unlocker after connecting a 02s test point.

Supported frp bypass samsung Galaxy Qualcomm devices in the same way by tft unlocker digital:

  • A01 SM-A015F.
  • M02 SM-M025F.
  • M11 SM-M115F.
  • A70 SM-A705F.
  • A71 SM-A715F.

What is the tft unlock tool?

Software for smartphones running on Windows PC. It contains many important operations for devices such as bypassing FRP on samsung galaxy, Xiaomi, Huawei vivo, and more. Also format, format without erasing data, and much more. It also supports all modern processors, including the Kirin processor for Huawei phones. Learn more about it through the download link below the article.

What is frp?

frp (factory reset protection) activates after adding a new Google Gmail on any Android Then if you forget your PIN, password, or pattern and hard reset your device from the recovery mode you have to bypass Google frp because your mobile will stock on Google verification screen. It is Developed by Google to protect your phone from unauthorized use when stolen.

Note Frp bypass on Samsung Galaxy Android you do not have to flash the combination rom (firmware) file to remove the locked frp. use this safe and easy like in this post

How to bypass frp on Samsung A025F a02s?

There are many free software unlock tools that support bypassing the Google account for Samsung Galaxy A02s, but I chose the best for you. This method can be applied to all Samsung phones that carry a Qualcomm CPU, such as the A11.

  • Step one Power off the phone.
  • Release the back cover.
  • Connect a test point as this image from the TFT with or without a battery.
  • Insert USB cable to PC and Samsung a02s device.

frp bypass a02s

Now you should see in the device manager the Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 driver.

  • Launch the TFT unlocker tool.
  • Select Samsung.
  • Search on a02s and tap on it.
  • Make sure the port is ok.
  • Press on [EDL] Erase Frp.

Free frp bypass samsung a025f a02s

  • Wait until the process is finished.
  • Power on your samsung device and set it up.
  • Now the frp lock has been removed successfully.

As you can see, the process of bypassing the FRP in the Samsung Galaxy A02S is easy and simple, so you do not need to use other methods that may cause damage.

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