Best 3 Huawei frp bypass tools 2023

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Huawei FRP bypass tool 2023

If you have a Huawei or Honor Android device with FRP lock Kirin, Qualcomm, and MTK I have the most powerful 3 tools. Let's look at all the methods to bypass Google account verification on Huawei smartphones.

So, What are the best 3 Huawei frp tools in 2023? How to use them? frp bypass Huawei easily if you have a paid one like an unlock tool, EFT dongle pro, UMT, or Sigma box.

Best free Huawei frp bypass tools 2023

What does FRP lock mean for Huawei?

Factory Reset Protection Always and after every format or hard reset operation from recovery mode on Android phones higher than version 5. you are required to verify your Google account on your device. If you forget your password, pin code, or pattern and wipe data, the FRP lock will appear on your phone screen. And you have to bypass it to use the phone.

Download the Huawei FRP removal tool.

Let us divide the article into several sections according to the processor, and remember that almost all vulnerabilities are closed without a PC. For this reason, we will use tools that work with the Windows operating system, and let us start with the easiest:

MTK and Qualcomm spread this processor with mid-price smartphones in general. And also with Huawei, such as the Y5 and Y6 2019. Therefore, I will recommend two powerful tools for you:

The TFT Unlocker tool can bypass FRP and even supports the Kirin processor, but it is under testing, especially the Kirin 710. It contains all the test points to make your use easier.

Marvel GSM can also be used with Qualcomm and MTK easily, as it has become free after being paid for a long time.

Huawei MTK, some require Test Point and some do not. The method of work is the same and is as follows:

  1. Run the tool you are using, such as Marvel GSM.
  2. Download it from the link with an explanation of activating it for free.
  3. From the MTK Main tab, choose the Huawei brand.
  4. From the drop-down list, choose the desired phone name.
  5. Then click on Reset FRP as in the picture.

bypass Google account on Huawei

  • Connect the device to the computer using Test Point.
  • Remember to install MTK USB Drivers.
  • Within seconds the method will work.

Huawei Qualcomm, such as the Y6 and Y7 Prime, can use one of the two tools, and the method is easy and proven.

  1. Run the TFT program.
  2. Open the back of the phone and connect the test points.
  3. Connect the USB cable.
  4. Make sure you have Qualcomm drivers installed.
  5. Choose Huawei and search for the name of the desired mobile phone.
  6. Click on EDL Erase FRP and wait for the process to complete.
  7. As shown in the following picture.

free tool Huawei frp bypass

Huawei Kirin The process here is more difficult. I do not mean the method here, but dealing with the 710 processor specifically, because there is no real free tool that can bypass FRP. For example, TFT takes the test, which means you may pass or you may not pass. As for the ROMFW tool, it supports the Kirin 710, and we will explain the method on it.

  1. Prepare the phone by connecting the test points and the USB cable to the computer.
  2. Make sure the Huawei USB COM.1.0 driver is installed.
  3. Run the Romfw. The method and the explanation link are below the article.
  4. Select Hisilicon from the main menu.
  5. Choose your CPU version from the drop-down list.
  6. Then click on Remove FRP [1.0] and wait until the program finishes.
huawei google frp bypass

Turn on the device, you must have bypassed the Google FRB account.

So this article will help you bypass Huawei FRP in detail. You still have to know the type of CPU, and you can use the Google search engine to find out.

More ways to bypass Huawei's Google Account will be published in the coming days, according to practical experiments on phones. We will use free or paid tools as needed. If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

Downloads links:

Huawei USB com.1 driver.

TFT unlocker digital.

Mtk drivers.

Romfw tool.

Marvel GSM.

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