TFT RAMDISK Tools v1. 0.0.0 Beta new

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TFT RAMDISK Tools v1. 0.0.0 Beta download

Free TFT Ramdisk tool 2024 peta from the Iraq team. Unlock iCloud IOS 12 TO 16 with network (GSM) and without network (maid) with normal mode.

So if you have an iPhone or iPad locked with a pattern, password, or PIN the TFT RAM disk tool version 1.0 will help you to erase them easily.

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tft 2024 new ramdisk tool

What is the TFT RAMDISK?

A free Windows utility software bypass tool developed by the IQ team. helps users unlock the iPhone mobile passcode without iCloud-locked in IOS 12 to IOS 16. Also, bypass the Hello screen with or without a signal.

It is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, and it is preferable to use it with 64-bit.

Supported Apple phones

iPhone 4S, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 PLUS. 6S PLUS, 7, 7PLUS, 8, 8 PLUS, X, XS, IPAD 2+3, IPAD Air, and MINI.

TFT Ramdisk tool features

iPhone Ramdisk tool Extra

  • Read info phone (normal).
  • Disable / Restore Auto update (Jailbreak).
  • Fix notification (JB).
  • Read HW info (recovery and DFU).
  • Back up / Restore passcode full.
  • Factory reset (Erase all content).


  • Get activation. need to change the SN (serial) auto-generate number.
  • Boot purple and fix mount iPWNDFU.


  • Write serial, Bluetooth, wifi, and Ethernet.
  • Read HW info and unlock the wifi Diag mode.

Hello screen

  • Untethered bypass meid without signal.
  • Untethered bypass GSM with signal.
  • Hidden iCloud.
  • Verizon fake and restore the IOS version.
FMI (find my device)
  • FMI off enter token and read backup.

How to use TFT Ramdisk tool 2024?

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract by WinRar or 7ZIP.
  3. Put TFT as a password.
  4. Run the EXE file and press login.

The TFT team provides powerful free software tools such as the frp tools tft Unlocker tool, tft MTK module pro, for Android, and the last RAMdisk tool. witch you can unlock your devices easily. They deserve our thanks and appreciation from all of us.

Password TFT

Download TFT ramdisk tool 2024

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