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Haafedk iCloud removal tool 3.5 2024 for unlocking Apple iCloud and MDM security

Haafedk iCloud free v4.1 offers a solution to unlock Apple iCloud and MDM security for IOS 12 to 17, allowing users to regain access to their devices. It is a reliable and efficient tool to bypass iCloud activation locks and remove MDM (Mobile Device Management) profiles from iPhones and iPad devices.

So if you forget your screen lock (Passcode) you can remove it without iCloud. by backing up Ramdisk files and restoring them after the factory reset device. Which are found on the Haafedk server. And the program will download directly.

haafedk icloud remove tool

It provides users a straightforward and user-friendly interface, making the unlocking process quick and hassle-free. Not only does the Haafedk iCloud removal Tool unlock iCloud accounts, but it also ensures the device's security remains intact.

It follows strict guidelines and maintains the highest security standards, guaranteeing the safety of user data throughout the unlock process.

What is the Haafedk removal tool free v3.5?

Free PC Windows utility setup program developed by Emad helps the user unlock iCloud and MDM. support all IOS versions from 12 to IOS 17. It is simple and easy to use.

compatible with Windows 10 64-bit and 32-bit, and it is preferable to use 64-bit to meet the requirements for working on iPhone and iPad phone systems.

Haafedk 3.5 features

  • Adding PWND to solve iPhone USB driver problems. It is used if the CHIPSET is AMD. As for Intel, there is no need to use it.
  • Adding the Info tool to Apple phones is automatically integrated, as it helps to know the device data in detail and can be greatly benefited even without using the official tool.
  • Add HAAFEDK iOS 12 to 14. It is used for old ISO versions from 12 to 14. Among its features:

    • Bypass iCloud with the network if your phone is GSM.
    • Unlock iCloud without a network if the device is Meid.
    • Bypass MDM protection for all versions of ISO up to version 17 without jailbreak.

How to use the Haafedk tool latest version?

In easy and simple steps you can own up the iCloud bypass tool. Two steps, install and activate for free.

  1. Extract the ZIP file.
  2. Run setup and follow instructions.
  3. Open it.
  4. Press on the active tool-free, then press on OK.
  5. Subscribe to the Haafedh channel.
  6. Use it as you need.

These are the most important additions. You can download them separately from the link at the bottom of the article.

In conclusion, the Haafedk iCloud Removal Tool 3.5 FIX munt and MDM LOCK latest version is a valuable resource for individuals locked out of their Apple iCloud accounts or needing to remove MDM security on their iPhone and iPad devices. if you have any questions leave them in a comment, please.

Download Haafedk iCloud Removal tool 4.1

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